The Poke Bowl has arrived at Jack Salmon!

//The Poke Bowl has arrived at Jack Salmon!

The Poke Bowl has arrived at Jack Salmon!

Hawaiian food is going to be all the rage this summer but don’t worry, it’s not pineapple on pizza. It’s rice, marinated fish and vegetables, in what is called a poke bowl (pronounced “poh-keh”). They’re being served in Johannesburg and Cape Town and have now arrived at Jack Salmon in Salt Rock, Glenashley and Hillcrest.


Traditionally speaking, poke is a Hawaiian word for the way fish is cut, but a poke bowl isn’t necessarily seafood.

Cubes of protein are steeped in a soy-sauce based marinade and seafood is served fresh, so the quality is paramount. Poke is often served by itself or on sushi rice, which is the basis for the Californian-style poke bowl.

Raw fish in the soy-based marinade dates back to when Japanese fisherman emigrated to Hawaii, bringing their food culture and penchant for raw fish with them.

The ingredients themselves are inspired by Japanese ingredients. They have evolved to include vegetables and other proteins to create a well-rounded meal.

For example, Poke Bowls can offer over 10 different types of protein including salmon, chicken and tofu, various types of rice and quinoa or salad and several marinades.

If you want to try the latest foodie trend that’s making waves all over the world head down to your nearest Jack Salmon restaurant today!