August 2017

Prawn paradise!


Jack Salmon’s Prawns are the talk of the town. From Pesto Prawns to Tempura Prawns to Prawn Pardelle, we have it all. There’s so many amazing ways to enjoy prawns at Jack Salmon Salt Rock. Grilled and cooked to perfection. Our prawn dishes will have you coming back for more. You are guaranteed only the [...]

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Jack’s Signature Dishes!


Inspired by the sea and by you! Everything we make is made with love and an absolute passion for food and pleasing our customers. Jack’s signature dishes are a blend and perfect mixture of seafood items which has been carefully planned to satisfy your seafood cravings. Carefully thought of dishes, exclusive to Jack Salmon Salt [...]

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Prawns are good for you.


Many people are under the misconception on that prawns are bad for you. Like everything in life, it needs to be consumed in moderation. We thought that it would be a great idea for us to highlight the top three reasons why Jack Salmon Salt Rock Prawns are great for you: 1. Prawns are a [...]

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Seafood Happiness!


Craving the best seafood in town? All you need to do is pop into Jack Salmon Salt Rock, to satisfy that craving! Grilled or battered are just a few ways in which we prepare only the best selection of fish. It’s all things sea inspired. We are here to serve you, and our chef can [...]

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